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More about Ashley Church

Who are we?

We are a group of Christians who attempt to help each other to relate our faith to everyday life without any unnecessary cultural or 'life style' barriers. The church's character has been responsive to God's leading, to the gifting of the individuals involved and to the circumstances in the City. Because of our independent and self-governing status our character is always evolving to meet the current needs and circumstances given to us by God.

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We have a foundation in the evangelical church tradition and the doctrine which reflects that is part of our Deed of Trust for the building. This is the secure Christian base from which we can explore and interprete our faith and relate it to our contemporary world. We seek to make the historic Christian faith accessible to as many people as possible.

We meet on Sunday mornings as a whole group, at other times in smaller groups and operate a network of mutual support, prayer and healing. We do not separate the 'spiritual' from the physical or the emotional, and we attempt to relate to God in an 'holistic way' through areas such as service, the creative arts and liturgy.

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How did Ashley start?

The original church started in 1939 as an evangelical witness to the Fleetville area and was, in character, like a Baptist mission, with a strong interdenominational sense. The original building had been a laundry.

During the seventies the church was affected by the nationwide move of the Holy Spirit. An eldership was installed with no full time pastor.

The eighties saw growth in church membership. There was an influence from the 'house church' movement and then by John Wimber's ministry, during which the church learnt more about the practical working of the Holy Spirit in people's lives.

By the nineties membership had grown to 180 and a new, separate church was 'planted'. That congregation is now independent and thriving.

Ashley celebrated its 60th anniversary in 1999.

We continue to encourage a thoughtful, reflective and discerning faith, giving individuals 'space' to grow as they find their own way to express their faith.


What are we involved with now?

We support:

* STEP (St Albans and Harpenden Christian Education Project)

* The local shelter for homeless people, Open Door

* Double Joy Children's Farm (an orphanage in Kenya).

* The work of our member, Rosemary, in East London through the charity Dar El Aman which conducts educatonal and relief projects in London and Pakistan.

Ashley is a member of the Evangelical Alliance.

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The Ashley Summer Exhibition 2019

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