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Reflect, Think, Reason



Roy's Christmas reflection Click for the link to the Annunciation Trust website



Mary, did you know? Click for YouTube video



A Guide for Praying a Blessing

B - Body  (health, protection, strength)
L - Labour Labour  (work, income, security)
E - Emotional  (joy, peace, hope) 
S - Social  (family, friends, love, marriage)
S - Spiritual  (salvation, faith, grace)



Have you ever wondered what Jesus was like? What were his characteristics?
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On being avant-garde click here to download


An Easter thought from a BBC broadcast by the late Catholic Theologian HJ Richards.
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A fascinating podcast from the BBC: "We dip into the archive to hear Roy Jenkins’ conversation with Jean Vanier, founder of L’Arche, named this week as the next recipient of the prestigious Templeton Prize"
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A creation prayer: written by Denice, inspired at our Creative Sunday session.
click here to download: A creation prayer


One Another statements: Our responses to the question how we relate to God, each other and the wider community in the light of the 'one another' statements from the Bible.
Click here to download: One another statements


The Beatitudes: The teachings of Jesus directly challenge some attitudes which are prevalent in our society today. As followers of Jesus how should we live in the light of Jesus’ teaching?
Click here to download: Anti-beatitudes vs. Beatitudes


Following Jesus to the ballot box: criteria upon which to base our voting intentions
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C S Lewis on prayer (slides from Mike Elliott's talk on 1 March 2015)
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